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MCA has been providing architectural support to the telecommunications industry for decades.  For clients such as Century Link, we have worked under consecutive retainer contracts, completing up 50 projects a year, many running concurrently.  Projects have ranged from moving a door or replacing a generator to the complete renovation of a 325,000 sf Headquarters Building.

As the industry evolves, we continue to provide services that are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, including:

  • New Buildings, Additions & Remodels

  • Mechanical & Electrical System Upgrades

  • Generator and Seismic Upgrades

  • Communication Towers

  • Cell Sites

  • Fuel Tank Replacements

  • Re-Roofing

  • Code Upgrades

  • Fire Separation & Fire Evacuation Plans

  • Space Planning & Interior Remodels

  • Parking Studies

Our past and current telecom clients include:

  • CenturyLink

  • Qwest

  • US West

  • Pacific Northwest Bell

  • TW Telecom

  • Sprint

  • AT&T

  • Day Wireless

  • United Telephone

  • GST Internet / GST Telecommunications

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