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MCA Architects has been in business since 1974 and has been designing airport-related projects since 1978.
We have designed 4.5 million square feet of aviation facilities. This includes:

  • approximately 200,000 sf of terminal facilities, including United Clubs, ticketing, and back-of-house spaces;

  • approximately 1,000,000 sf of flight kitchens; and

  • over 3,283,000 sf of aviation support facilities such as aircraft maintenance hangars, air cargo buildings and ground equipment maintenance facilities.


MCA has worked at regional and international airports across the United States. We are currently licensed in 15
states (with easily-reactivated licenses in 13 additional states) and are familiar with the processes and standards of the
various local DOA, port authorities, city and state agencies. We also have good relationships with sub-consultants
nationwide and use local teams whenever possible.

To download and view our aviation/industrial brochures, please click on the links below:

General Aviation and Industrial

Flight Kitchens

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