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Food Service

MCA is experienced with a broad range of food service projects – from commercial kitchens to restaurants to quick shop delis.

Our flight kitchen experience spans well over 200 projects and involves every possible scope, including preliminary studies, facility upgrades, full renovations and design of new state-of-the-art facilities.  We have provided full design services for 10 new facilities and more than 60 full facility renovations.  To each project, we bring our deep understanding of flight kitchen function, flow, operational demands, and health/safety standards.

Our past and current flight kitchen clients include:

  • Air Fayre

  • Concession Air Corporation

  • Chelsea Food Services

  • Do&Co

  • Dobbs International Services

  • Flying Food Group

  • Gate Gourmet

  • Hacor Inc.

  • Icelandair Group

  • International In-Flight Catering Company

  • LSG Sky Chefs

  • Nikko In-Flight Catering Company

  • United Airlines

We respect the highly competitive nature of the flight kitchen industry.  Our knowledge regarding the design and operations of each facility is handled with strict confidence and sensitivity.  For this reason, we are unable to share photographs of some of our most recent flight kitchen projects.

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