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Flight Kitchen Renovation at JFK

New York, New York

To meet the client’s fast-track requirements, MCA designed and provided construction administration for this new kitchen, completing the entire project in 11 months. An existing 80,000 sf warehouse was redesigned as an efficient production facility and augmented with an additional 20,000 sf of second floor support areas and mechanical space. Serving primarily international flights, this facility is characterized by its superior flow of food and equipment allowing the most economical movements of workers inside and vehicles outside the building. The production flow was enhanced by a 400′ long truck dock with 26 docking spaces, thereby eliminating “bottlenecks” during periods of high inbound/outbound activity. The facility featured state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filtration and water-softening systems, high-efficiency boilers and a computerized, remote refrigeration-monitoring system. Special care was given to the security system which monitors all vehicular and foot traffic into and out of the site.


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