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Hawaiian Airlines Aircraft Maintenance and Cargo Facility

Honolulu, Hawaii

MCA Architects provided site development services, design and construction documents (through creation of design-build bridging documents) for the replacement of an Air Cargo and Aircraft Maintenance Complex to be leased by Hawaiian Airlines. MCA coordinated with the owner, the construction manager, and the numerous user groups of the tenant, while also coordinating efforts with neighboring projects underway at Honolulu International Airport.

The Complex is composed of an aircraft hangar, aircraft maintenance shops, supply management offices and warehouse, ground service equipment shops, aircraft fleet servicing operations area, facilities maintenance shop, training facilities, administrative offices, credit union, central employee support areas, and cargo processing management offices and warehouse, as well as several out buildings such as Controlled Materials and a Fire Pump House. Total building area is 282,695 sf.

The Maintenance Hangar at the north end of the complex is designed for a wide-body A350-800 and two B717 aircraft. The facility has a fabric roof, supported by a galvanized-steel, arched-truss structure. This allows ample natural daylighting and a large unobstructed clear span inside. At the south end of the complex, the Air Cargo Operations and High-bay Supply Storage functions have a similar fabric-roofed structure.


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