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Adidas Warehouses

Portland, Oregon

MCA Architects provided complete design and construction administration

services for a facility located at 4468 NW Yeon Avenue in Portland. The

renovation provides space for the Owner’s retail and samples warehousing

operations, including office support space. Workspace for the Owner’s “Futures

Lab” is also provided.

The goals of the project included relocating and expanding Samples Ops. and

Retail Warehouse and creating a new creative space for ADIDAS’ R&D unit within

the existing warehouse building. The program included offices, conference

rooms, design/shop areas, presentation space for large groups, break areas,

locker spaces, and warehouses with associated order fulfillment and loading

dock areas. The project also included sophisticated security system, replacement

of rooftop HVAC equipment, the entire rework of toilet and shower facilities in

two locations (serving distinct user groups). The majority of the facility is highly

secured and not open to the public, but there is one portion that is designed

for periodic presence of visitors. For the portion of the facility where the public is

periodically invited in, balancing a measure of architectural drama with the codedriven

egress requirements and constraints of the budget demanded sensitivity

in the design approach.


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