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Grand Ronde Language Education Building

Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Grand Ronde, Oregon

Currently, MCA Architects is working with Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde on a New Language Education Building, allowing for the expansion of available space for its language programs. Their language learning center, currently located within the Early Education campus, had outgrown its space and needed a new building to advance CTGR’s vision of preserving tribal cultures and traditions for future generations. This new building will meet the increasing space demands for the language immersion program, creating a home separate from English language programs. With this new building, the Tribe is providing a clear path to further strengthen and protect tribal culture through the conservation of indigenous language.

The new building, already designed and about to begin construction, is 6,616 square-feet, with six classrooms, shared teacher prep areas, restrooms, an entry/reception area, administrative offices, a break room, and requisite service/support facilities. The building’s primary entrance features a generous covered porch area with benches for children to gather before and after school. All classrooms open directly to the outside, where the landscape design incorporates an educational play area and a planting plan emphasizing native plant species. Access to surrounding natural areas for outdoor study reinforces a connection to nature and incorporates the learning of plant names into the native language education program.

MCA has fostered a long-term relationship with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, commencing with the Ceremonial Plank House designed in 2010 to be used by tribe members for Native American ceremonies and meetings. Following this inaugural project, the team worked with the Tribe to develop two phases of affordable housing projects totaling 25,620 square feet, including 28 one and two bedroom apartments (7 accessible & 21 adaptable per FHA standards). All units have convenient, open plans with individual exterior entrances and private decks of patios. Common laundry facilities and covered parking are also provided for residents.

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