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Historic Stevens Building

Portland, Oregon

MCA designed interior improvements to the historic Stevens Building, to accommodate

a range of office and retail tenants. The 12-story building was fully renovated on a

fast-track basis. In some cases, MCA provided tenant improvement services directly

to tenants, and the spaces specifically to their needs and tastes. In other cases, MCA

worked with the building owner to design shells to accommodate a variety of potential

tenants in the future.

The Stevens Building was completed in 1914 and added to the National Register of

Historic Places in 1998, as an example of the brick and terra cotta-clad buildings of early

20th century Portland. The facade of the first two floors was remodeled in 1954 to satisfy

a bank tenant who wanted a more modern look; the interior elevator lobby and office

floors were also extensively renovated at that time.

MCA’s designs are providing tenants with operable windows, abundant natural light,

exposed ceilings in some spaces, a lobby renovation, a room for bike parking and a

fitness room with shower/locker facilities. Tenants which MCA worked directly with on

their spaces included a world-renowned beauty parlor, a media company, a sustainability-focused nonprofit, and various other entities.


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